Sport for all


Ukindo aims to develop opportunities for children from slum or rural areas to participate in sport. Sport is one of the many joys that children from deprived backgrounds miss out on. the enjoyment of sport brings a physical and mental benefit as well as lessons of teamwork, winning, losing and the respecting of rules. Sport can be a great way to build confidence and also of finding a lifetime passion and inspiration. For children showing sporting promise, Ukindo will introduce them to local sports clubs and provide sponsorship for specialist equipment should a child be selected for regional squads.

  • Ukindo to hire sport facilities / develop existing areas to host sport events and training
  • Ukindo to identify sports coaches and volunteers in the regions to provide regular activities
  • Ukindo to obtain donated sports equipment from local sports clubs / people
  • Ukindo to link with local sports clubs to create a programme of excellence enabling talented athletes to join established clubs.

Sports for Disabled Children


Ukindo aims to develop provisions for disabled children which includes the ability to participate in sport and leisure activities. The provision of sports for children with disabilities is few and far between in India. The cultural stigma associated with disabilities in India has a profound effect on the development and support of disability services let alone sport and leisure projects. Accessibility to such sports is also a problem as transport infrastructure in India is not yet sympathetic to the needs of adults and children with disabilities. Ukindo will work to change attitude towards disability and encourage a more national approach to disability sports provisions.

  • Ukindo to create and support disability sports projects for children with disabilities
  • Ukindo to host conferences and training in different regions to inspire the development of similar projects nationwide
  • Ukindo to seek support from the government to change societies' attitude to disability
  • Ukindo to develop a sponsorship programme for children who might achieve Olympic level participation