Ukindo School

Our vision: To support a modern day Indian society that embraces education for all.

The Ukindo Schools were set up to provide schooling to street children and families living in slums. These families have no financial means to afford good quality education. For many of our students, their lives would have followed the similar limited path to their parents. A cycle that for many would never end. The best they could have hoped for would have been a life of humble survival without opportunity and at worst a life of destitution and poverty. Ukindo not only offers free education but also free uniforms and food during the school day.

  • What Ukindo aims to achieve is not just to provide a basic level of education to the children, but to provide them with the best free education that could be found anywhere in India. Could these children go to University? We will support these children to complete their education up to the age and 18 and beyond to university. Not only do we want to change the lives of these children, we want to change the lives of their families and wider communities.
  • Our first school opened in October 2015 in Rohtak and our second was opened in January 2016. Between them they support 100 children in full time education.
  • We are also in the final stages of opening our next schools in Noida, Delhi and Gurgaon.
  • Within the next few years we aim to be operating many schools across India

If you would like to sponsor a child in the school it would cost only £10 per child per month and you would be able to engage with the child via regular communications.

Other financial contributions would also be welcome. For further information please do contact us.